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And the Pussification of America Continues: 20 Andover Seniors Suspended On the Last Day Of Classes For Taking An Extra Lap Around the School To Celebrate



AndoverTownsman – More than 20 Andover High School graduating seniors were suspended last week — and prohibited from participating in the first day of Senior Week activities — for taking their final day of class celebrations a little too far, according to school officials, parents and students. For years, the last day of school for seniors is marked by some kind of senior prank in the morning. The “Senior Lap” — a custom that sees the soon-to-be graduates running or marching through the hallways while underclassmen are still in class— has capped off the day. He told seniors that while they could be released from their last class a little early, they had to quietly exit their classrooms and head to the gym for an ice cream social, where they could continue to celebrate until 2:20 p.m. According to an email sent by Lord to parents on Friday, however, a number of students decided to take an extra lap around the school in addition to their earlier march through the halls. “In the last minutes of the day, seniors were ushered to the gym and enjoyed some ice cream and music with their classmates,” Lord wrote in the email, which was forwarded anonymously to the Andover Townsman. “Unfortunately, a number of students got caught up in the energy of the moment and bolted from the gym, disturbing classes in session.” Further, he said, “A number of water balloons also sailed dangerously into the crowd and various water squirting devices were confiscated. After using security cameras to identify as many students as they could, assistant principals contacted students Friday evening to notify them of their suspensions. Earlier in the day, the senior prank was to set up a campground inside and outside the main lobby of the high school. Lord said he had agreed earlier to the prank and that the entrance was cleaned up by the time the rest of the students arrived for the day.

Fucking saddest story these eyes have ever seen. It really is. And it’s not just how pathetic it is that these kids got suspended for taking an extra lap around the school either. It’s how lame this final day of classes was to begin with. It’s how strong the principal’s grip on everybody’s nuts is. How programmed and robotic everything is. You get 1 lap around the school. You get 2 scoops of ice cream. Sit like this. Do this. Smile here., blah, blah, blah If you break stride you get suspended even though school is over. Seriously what kind of senior prank is it when you have to get the senior prank approved by the school? Makes me long for the days of ooey gooey oreo again at Andover.