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Does This Look Like the Face of An Elementary School Principal Arrested For Drunkenly Trying To Enter A Closed Bar?



WATERBURYAn elementary school principal was arrested early Monday morning after allegedly drunkenly trying to enter a closed bar. Brian Goggin, the principal of Bunker Hill Elementary School, was charged with disorderly conduct after he attempted to enter a bar around 2:30 a.m., police said. Goggin was intoxicated and stumbled into the road twice before an officer took him into custody, police said. This is not the first alcohol-related arrest for Goggin, who has been placed on administrative leave from his position at the school, said Paul Guidone, chief operating officer for the Waterbury school district.

I don’t care what this dude’s deal is. I’ll take him over every other school administrator on the planet right now no questions asked. He had me at hello with the arms folded, what the fuck are you looking at “Let’s Roll” tshirt. I’d run through a wall for this guy. Fuck all the noise. Play hard. Principal hard. Without even knowing him I know that’s his life motto. I’m all in.