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Let's Check In On The Bengals: Andy Dalton Calls Out Front Office, AJ Green Says Let Him Go Or Sign Him Long Term .. Yep, Sounds About Right


I can’t get enough of the Bengals. I don’t even really hate them, they are like a puppy that keeps screwing up. You can’t get mad at them. Sure, their fans are typically annoying as hell and I have no ties to the team, but as a Giants fan it’s sort of hard to truly hate the Bengals. That’s the joy of living here though. You get to watch this city burn with each comment, move and mistake the team makes.

So let’s check in on this team with 0 wins. Somehow they have mishandled the situation even more! Obviously they benched Andy Dalton (on his birthday).

The move of benching Dalton is fine. It’s not going to solve the problem, but this season is gone, so see what you have in a rookie quarterback. I have no problem with that. There’s only 1 year left on Dalton’s contract anyways. But how do you do this move just hours before the trade deadline? You kill his trade value. You don’t even give him a heads up.

Okay, fine, you just pissed off your long time QB. Let’s check in on your star WR who hasn’t played yet this year with an injury.


He’s demanding a long term contract or to be let go. He’s a free agent after this year and there are rumors that the Bengals are going to franchise tag him. Pretty clear he wants nothing like that.

Just another day in Bengals land. There’s a reason teams are successful and there are the Bengals.