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Man Goes To Doctor For Frequent Sinus Infections And Whoops...He's Had A Bag Of Weed In His Nose For 18 Years

We’ve all seen that scene in Good Fellas. Smuggling drugs into prison doesn’t seem like a walk in the park even if you’re a connected guy like Henry Hill. This poor bastard was just trying to get something to take the edge off and whoops…

(source)–A man who snuck a bag of cannabis into prison in his nose 18 years ago has finally had the dried-up weed removed from his nasal cavity, according to a new case report published in British Medical Journal Case Reports.

It is the “first reported case of a prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith,” also known as a nose stone, said a team led by Murray Smith, a physician at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

“During a prison visit, the patient’s girlfriend supplied him with a small quantity of marijuana, inside a rubber balloon,” Smith and his colleagues note in the report, which is entitled “a nose out of joint.”

The patient, who is now 48, slipped the package into his right nostril, and was able to hide it from prison guards this way. But when he tried to retrieve it, he accidentally lodged the pot deeper into his nasal cavity and assumed that he had unknowingly swallowed it at some point.

This is WhiteSoxDave curse level stuff. You’re already in prison, you go to great lengths to get a little weed from your girlfriend passed the guards, snort it up your nose and then when you can’t get it out you just go “ehhh I probably swallowed it” and carry on with your life for 18 years. Don’t get it checked out. Don’t search for it in your shit. Just continue on with your life with a balloon full of weed lodged in your head for almost Tom Brady’s entire career. That is absurd. He also used up all of his future weed storage because I imagine it’s tough to snort a balloon of drugs when you already have a balloon of drugs occupying a nasal cavity.

I wish the whole interaction was recorded. Walk in to the ENT’s office post-op and he passes the patient a calcified bag of weed from the Bush administration and the guy goes “ohh yeahhhh that’s where I put that. Thanks doc”.  What did this guy do with the booger weed? I mean I think if you’ve had it in your face, in a balloon, calcified, it’s probably pretty well preserved. I don’t know for sure because I am not a big weed guy, but that seems like a safe place for it. I think he probably has to try to smoke it, just to wrap up the story. A punchline for his buddies.