The Greatest Game 7 Ever Played Still Belongs To The Chicago Cubs

I meant every word of this tweet


I was like Larry Csonka watching Super Bowl 42. Of course I'm putting on my best face for the love of the game and personal interest in an exciting finish to an immensely heartbreaking season. And of course the storylines were electric. Max Scherzer vs. Greinke. Biggest upset at stake in the better portion of 2 decades. Baseball history on the line if the road team wins another game. Astros building a dynasty. Nationals winning their first title. And if you want to get real crazy, the Jose Altuve/Derek Jeter argument was heading for a real tipping point:

Let's get weirder. Through their first 5400 plate appearances… Jeter = 39.5 WAR. Altuve = 38.5 

Point is there were a lot of great storylines heading into last night's game 7 and it's well within my right as a diehard Cubs' fan to feel threatened. 2016 is our masterpiece and I will take all challenges seriously until my dying breath. 

Some of you disagreed: 


And listen - I agree with everyone from a Legacy standpoint that naturally and inherently, it's a difficult game to top. 108 year draught + however long the Indians have sucked + all that other shit I don't need to waste time on = a beautiful cornucopia of circumstance. I get all that and appreciate the reminder.

"Rest Easy, Carl" - everyone else

But that doesn't stop me from being a crazy person. 

So fast forward to the top of the 7th. 36-year old Howie Kendrick homers off the oppo foul pole. It's 3-2 Nats with Gerrit Cole lingering in the Houston bullpen and Patrick Corbin pumping 96 on 2-days rest. From here the picture basically paints itself. 

Astros tie it in the 7th. Gerrit Cole comes on in the 8th. And for the next 9 innings we witness dueling shutouts as each pitcher selflessly sacrifices every working tendon, ligament and muscle fiber in their throwing arms in co-performances of sheer will. In the 17th at a tick shy of 2:30am local time, Anthony Rendon hits an 0-0 fastball off the choo choo train in left field. Alex Bregman responds the next inning with a bomb to dead center and we go another 5 innings. 2016 Cub, Hector Rondon, throws all of them for the Astros. He strikes out 10. (Work with me). Then, in the whatever inning we're at now, Ryan Zimmerman hits a grand slam into Chinese air space. LeBron tweets "That's not cool" while the internet piles on him again and our LeBron t-shirt sales double. The global social and social impacts are too much to ignore, and beball writers everywhere declare it a better game than game 7 of the 2016 World Series.


Like I said the picture basically paints itself. 

In hindsight?  I think we can all agree that I need to calm the fuck down. 

Our game 7 will never be topped.