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Tell Me If You've Heard This One Before....A Man Walks Into A Liquor Store With A Pony....Pony Shits All Over The Place.

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WARREN, R.I.Police were called to a liquor store in Warren Monday night for reports of property damage, but the story is far stranger than it sounds. The owner of the Shetland pony brought it into the store, allowed the pony to defecate on a rug and failed to properly clean up after it. The store owner was prepared to press charges and called police. But police were able to de-escalate the incident by bringing the pony’s owner, William Saviano, back to the store to clean up after the pony. Saviano, 51, said before entering the liquor store he was at a children’s pony show down the street. He said he stopped by to pick up wine on the way home. Police said Saviano has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1988. He’s been charged with domestic assault, disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property and driving under the influence of alcohol, among other things.


Ah a story as old as time itself.  Man walks into a bar with a pony.  Pony shits all over the place.  Man walks out without cleaning up.   Cops get involved.   Man forced to come back and clean it up.  All’s well that ends well I suppose.  But honestly I thought it was a little harsh to blame the pony shitting on William Saviano in the first place.  Like if the pony wants to take a shit he’s gonna take a shit. He doesn’t know he’s in a liquor store. So I’m not sure you can pin the dump part on him. The not cleaning it up part yes. The letting him shit part no. Either way Bill Saviano seemed like a pleasant enough fellow right? Therefore I was kind of surprised to hear he had such a long rap sheet. Guy must have a switch you just don’t want to trun. No wonder the liquor store didn’t press charges. Don’t need some Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde pony dude haunting your dreams.