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BREAKING: Joe Girardi Says That Phillies Will Not Have A Facial Hair Policy

I know that there's a little unwritten rule in baseball to not make any major announcements on the same day that a World Series game is being played but this right here might be the biggest news of the year. Joe Girardi went on the Mike Missanelli show this afternoon on 97.5 The Fanatic and announced to the world that no, he does not have a facial hair policy that will be following him to the Philadelphia Phillies. 

This is news that the entire baseball world has been anxiously waiting for. Girardi had implemented the "no facial hair" policy during the 1 year he spent managing the Marlins. Then obviously when he was managing the Yankees, that was more of a Yankees policy than his but the policy was still there. So at no point in Joe Girardi's managerial career has he had players who were allowed to rock thick, luscious beards. Many folks were nervous that the Phillies would suffer the same fate and that bearded icons like Bryce Harper would need to go clean shaven and not look like they could survive being stranded in the wilderness for 4 years. But that won't be the case and Bryce's beard is officially safe. At least for now. 


So yeah, I know it's game 7 tonight but nothing else matters. The beards are safe in Philly and Joe Girardi is about to put assemble the meanest group of animals that baseball has ever seen. Go Phils.