What Do We Think Of Sales Guy Going To Figawi And Coming Back With An "Ack" Sticker On His Subaru?


So Sales Guy went to Figawi for a couple days, comes back and he thinks he’s a Penske Brother all of a sudden.  He’s got the brand new Ack sticker on his Subaru.  He’s tweeting out his bar tab which coincidentally had to be the lowest bar tab in the history of bar tabs that has ever been tweeted out.   Like don’t get me wrong $1,000 bucks is alot, but not in tweet world.  Not from Figawi.  Ashtray money bro.   Anyway this entire blog begs the question of how ridiculous does Sales Guy’s Subaru look with the Ack sticker on it now?  I think people refer to this as a “try hard” which is like the most insulting thing anybody can say about anybody. He’s a fucking “try hard”.   Makes you want to kill yourself really.


Vote 1 for leave Sales Guy alone and 10 for big time Try Hard

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