BIG BALLS: ABC News Reporter Comes Out Right In The Face Of The Guy In Charge Of Chechnya's 'Gay Purge'

Source -  Reporter James Longman, who works for ABC’s Nightline, had been investigating the “gay purge” in Chechnya, a semi-autonomous republic in Russia, for over a year.

Chechnya first made headlines for its “gay purge” in 2017 when it was reported that police rounded up and tortured dozens of men they suspected of being gay.

Longman spoke to many victims of the abuse at the hands of the government, but also managed to interview General Apti Alaudinov, head of the Chechen police, who is in charge of the republic’s 10,000 police officers.

The reporter and his film crew were eventually taken to a police station where they were met by 50 armed officers. Longman decided that at this point he would come out to Alaudinov.

The general eventually said: “There is no problem. Nobody has any issues with you. You are a guest. Come here as a guest and leave from here as a guest… I am not interested to know it. It’s your life and you should live however you want…But at the same time, don’t teach us how we have to live.”


He (Longman) said that he told the police chief before they parted ways: “You’ve been very welcoming, you’ve shown us around. Do you think I am less of a man than you?”

Alaudinov responded: “I will tell you honestly, I wouldn’t like you to be my friend.”

Here’s the video:

– “What if I told you I was gay?”

*SKRRRRRRTTTTTTTT! *Car crashes. *Record scratches. *Music stops.*

– “Hahhhh?!?!?!?!” (French Montana voice)

In all my years of living, and I mean this, I’ve never seen a bigger set of balls on a man. I mean…my GOD. Imagine walking into a prison cell made for gays then telling the leader of that prison that you’re gay?  You couldn’t pay me enough. I honestly can’t decide whether or not James is a hero or a lunatic. What would he have done if they closed the door while he was in that cell? They wouldn’t because they’re not going to lock up an American reporter, but what if they did? He’d be toast.

For those of you who don’t know what’s going on in Chechnya, you can read about it here. It’s beyond fucked up. Which is what makes James’ actions all the more insane. He didn’t just come out to some judgy aunt at the dinner table, he came out to someone who by all accounts wants him wiped off the face of the earth. Oh, and he touched him!

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 12.16.19 PM

I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy chopped his arm off when he went home. Too bad he didn’t lean in and give him a smooch.

Let this be a lesson to all the closeted people reading this right now that if James can come out to that guy, you can come out to whoever it is in your life who’s holding you back. Now I’m going to end this blog with a bunch of pictures of James just like we do for smokeshows.