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Some Scum Of the Universe TSA Activist Requests A Full Body Search And Then Complains When TSA Conducts A Full Body Search



Dailymail - A video has been posted on the internet by a woman who claims she was ‘violated’ by a TSA agent during a full body check. Ashley Jessica, 25, from Toronto, Canada, claims the clip shows the female agent touching her unnecessarily at San Diego International Airport. Jessica is an activist who fronted an anti-TSA opt-out campaign last year which urged people ‘to film the TSA and to post the footage to youtube in an effort to raise awareness and to stop the tyrannical practices of the TSA.’ Jessica and her mother both requested a full body scan and took turns filming the incident.The footage, which lasts just over three minutes, captures the incident on 23 May. In the video repeatedly asks the unidentified TSA female agent not to touch her vagina, breasts, or her mother’s private parts. Jessica told that she and her mother were told by the TSA agent that they would undergo ‘an extensive pat down which would involve going all the way up the leg.’After Jessica tells the TSA agent that she does not want her breasts touched, the TSA agent threatens to stop the screening process, effectively prohibiting Jessica from flying. The day after the incident Jessica posted on her Twitter page: ‘Was violated pretty badly by TSA at San Diego International Airport yesterday. Video will be on my YouTube channel.’


I literally can’t hate another human being more than I hate Ashley Jessica. She is everything that is wrong with everything. We got terrorists blowing up the marathon. We got terrorists chopping people’s heads off in broad daylight and this bitch is mad about TSA searching people at the airport? Just the worst of the worst. A TSA activist who goes out of her way to request a full body search and then freaks out when the TSA agent actually does it. HEY ASSHOLE YOU ASKED FOR THIS! If you don’t want to have your titties fondled then go through the fucking screeners like everybody else. I mean imagine if a terrorist could refuse to go through the scanners and then refuse to be touched in certain areas? “Don’t touch my groin because that’s a personal violation AND oh by the way that’s where I have a gun stored.” It’s such a joke. And then she obviously runs to infowars to complain about it. Too perfect.  Go back to Canada whore!

I’m going to say the same thing I say everytime I see one of these nutbags makes a video like this. There should be 2 types of planes. The kind where there is no security and the kind where there is security. All the assholes who bitch and moan about TSA can fly on the unprotected planes. Everybody with a brain can fly on the other ones. We’ll see who puts their money where their mouths are. Seriously I’d celebrate like we killed Osama when the terrorists blow this idiot out of the sky.

PS – Last time I wrote about TSA I was accused of being on the TSA payroll by an anti TSA website.   That Barstool Sports was just a cover up being run by the government.  Seriously.   Maybe the highlight of my blogging career.