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"Relax McNabb": Safe To Say That Kevin Durant Isn't Interested In Receiving Career Advice From Zero-Time Champion Donovan McNabb

It's not even November yet and we're already getting stories out of Brooklyn about how nobody understands how to handle Kyrie and his mood swings. Personally if I were the Nets, I wouldn't necessarily want that stuff getting out there since I've never heard of a headcase changing their attitude after said attitude gets blown up by the media but that's neither here nor there. Either way, the news is out that Brooklyn is already struggling to deal with Kyrie which naturally led to Donovan McNabb deciding to chime in about it. You know, because it's the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving so of course it only makes sense for Donovan McNabb to get involved. 

Good point, 5. Why play with a guy who goes through some mood swings when you could have stayed with your previous team filled with a bunch of teammates that you already hated? Valid question, for sure, and one which Kevin Durant replied to with a valid answer. 

Relax mcnabb

That's it. That's the answer right there. Didn't even need to log into a burner account. Just a straight up, "okay, pal, that's enough out of you now". It's like when your grandpa hits the booze a little too hard at the family party and starts talking a little reckless. Someone just needs to be there to tell the old man to relax, maybe go sit on the couch and take a little nap before everybody heads out. 

Say what you want about Durant and the Warriors scheming the system too get rings, but Kevin Durant is a 2-time champion and 2-time NBA Finals MVP. He was also the star in the incredibly underrated motion picture, Thunderstruck, but we can talk more about how great that movie is later. The fact of the matter is that he probably isn't overly interested in receiving some career advice from a guy who allegedly threw up during the Super Bowl and allegedly came close to getting his ass kicked by Terrell Owens in the trainers room. But for now, we'll just let #5 think that everybody is laughing with him. It's the least we can do.