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Have People Seen The Dominos Commerical With the Dude Who Folds A Million Pizza Boxes Per Second?


Have people seen this new Dominos commercial? Some dude just absolutely crushing the pizza box folding game. I’m talking just lining them up and putting them down like you read about. Never seen anything like it. In fact when I first saw it I assumed it had to be fake. But I did a little research on this cat and it turns out he has youtubes dating back 2 or 3 years. All of them the same thing. Him just putting the beat down on pizza boxes. I’m talking the absolute Michael Jordan of pizza box folding. How good is he? Well I’m not even sure I could beat him and I think I can beat everybody at everything.  Bottomline is I’m as impressed as you can be by a guy who has worked at Dominos for the past 5 years making youtubes of himself folding pizza boxes.

PS – I could totally beat this guy if I had a week to practice with endless pizza boxes. Fact.