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Of Course LeBron Had The Staples Center Chanting 'Taco Tuesday' - He HAS To Be The Center Of Attention All The Time, Even If A Teammate Is Breaking Records

This damn guy. I mean if he was a real teammate that really wanted to get people involved here he'd have them chanting Anthony Davis. You know, the guy who dropped 40/20 and is still a free agent at the end of the season. But, nooooo, it's all about LeBron at all times. He can't even imagine trying to let someone else have the spotlight. It has to be him in the front at all times. Hell I'm shocked he didn't try and charge each of these fans for chanting something he thinks he came up with! 

Then there's this angle


I know that look I know that reaction. That's the reaction of someone who has had a bit too much wine. You hear those words 'hey man, taco?' You start to shake. You get giddy. You don't know what to do. 

Just a shame that he can't let Anthony Davis have his night. Would be a real, REAL shame if Anthony Davis left.