Kate Upton Needs To Be Behind Home Plate For Game 7 To Call A Fair Game

(Note: This blog has nothing to do with Kate’s gender. If she was a man and sent that tweet I’d have the same thoughts about it. It just so happens she’s a woman. We’re laughing at the opinion, not the gender. I know nothing about being a smoking hot model so I certainly wouldn’t tweet about the proper way to walk down a runway.)


Hey @ the 99.9% of us who think the umps royally fucked up the Trea Turner play…egg on allllll our faces. Sunnyside up right in our grillmix. Because known seamhead Kate Upton knows baseball and wants all of to know she is right and you are wrong. She is smart and you are dumb. It doesn’t matter that it was an egregiously bad call and everyone who is paid to cover baseball in the entire world agrees that the MLB should be embarrassed because Kate Upton, a world-renown baseball expert, is telling you otherwise.


I was wondering about that too. Seems like a bad rule.

Also I love Trea calling out Joe Torre. A fired up Trea had me scared. I’ve NEVER seen such anger in his eyes.

I suppose the umps were just refreshing Kate Upton’s Twitter that whole time, waiting for her to make the call. Let’s hope she’s in blue tomorrow.