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Oh Boy: We Allegedly Have Another GM Burner Account Situation On Our Hands

I’m so happy. Nothing gets me fired up like people in power having no clue how bad of an idea it is to be on social media. I don’t even mean with burner accounts, I mean having social media period. As I’m writing this I can only think of people fucking up and exactly zero people coming out on top because of it. For every Kevin Durant “Scarlett Johanneson I will drink ur bath water… #random” tweet there’s a Kevin Durant burner account tweeting about why he’s actually good at basketball at someone with 47 followers. It’s lose-lose.

And now, there appears to be a whole heap of dots connecting Tampa Bay Bucs GM Jason Licht to the anonymous twitter account @jameis1of1. This is in the same vein as Bryan Colangelo’s burner saga but somehow simultaneously the opposite? Like, Colangelo was openly bashing his own really good players while Licht has allegedly been waxing poetic about a bad quarterback. Which… I suppose, in the long run, is better than bashing your own players? Still, yanno, weird to have to create a secret account, author a 400 page book no one had ever heard about in support of a quarterback the entire world has about agreed upon is not the franchise guy he looked like in college, argue with your own fan base for hours on end about the quarterback you drafted, it’s all so strange. Because in the long run, say your book and trolling and tweeting actually works, aren’t you just… driving the price up on yourself in the real world in future negotiations if you intend on re-signing this guy? It’s all very peculiar.


The smoking gun appears to be the voice clips. Those are just the same voice, sharing the same sentiments. And while I’m no speech pathologist, those sound like eerily similar voice patterns. Also, the “no tweeting during games” is wild for a fan of any team. That’s the best fucking time to tweet. I suppose if you were at the games, surrounded by other NFL officials and front office types you wouldn’t want one accidentally catching a glimpse of your burner account. Which makes sense while talking about a subject that inherently lacks sensibility.

What doesn’t make sense? Getting jammed up the same way Colangelo did, by registering both accounts to the same phone number. Late breaking evidence via Reddit:


Tried to get slick with a Yahoo account, forgot to get another phone number. You truly hate to see it.