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Juan Soto Can Join Alex Bregman In Prison For Disrespecting The Game

OH WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!? NOW MY ASS IS REALLY CHAPPED!!! Look what you’ve done, Bregman! I hope you’re happy with yourself for what you’ve started. Good luck getting any sleep tonight. I told you the young impressionable kids watching would pick up these bad habits and it literally could not have been proven true any faster than this. 21-year old Juan Soto, a promising young kid with all the talent in the world, a guy with ZERO history of attempting to show up his opponents, is now acting out on the biggest stage. I don’t know what we can do to right this ship. We may be too far gone. Luckily all this is taking place in Texas so I know the law will be just, swift and incredibly over-the-top when the final ruling does come down from some sort of judge wearing a cowboy hat.

PS – Everyone wants to be Bartolo.