How Mad Can We Get At Matt Nagy For Putting Eddy Pineiro On The Wrong Hashmark?

I don't want to make a huge deal about this as I blog about it on one of the largest websites in the world. I really don't. 

But everyone else in Chicago is making a huge deal about it so here we go. I'll chime in. 

The Bears lost at home on Sunday afternoon to the San Diego Chargers by a score of 17-16. Eddy Pineiro hooked a 40-yard field goal as time expired. I can't believe I'm repeating this. 

Leading up to that kick, Nagy called for a kneel with 40-something seconds left on the clock and one timeout. As we all know by now, he was terrified of a fumble. The next day, he told the media you could also get a holding penalty. He was adamant we watch the Colts/Broncos game for further evidence. The saga is downright bananaland and probably worth it's own blog: NFL Head Coach Scolds Media For Not Watching Other Team's Games. And the first comment will be "When did Barstool turn into the Onion NO THANKS ERIKA" and then I'll sit silently hoping that asshole gets at least a dozen downvotes by happy hour while obsessively refreshing the comment section from my preferred Barstool Gold burner. 

But we're not here to talk about that. OR THE COLTS BRONCOS GAME, COACH. Hate to break it you. Really and sincerely, nobody gives a fuck. 

The real story today is why in God's name was Eddy kicking from the wrong hash? 

Apparently he walked the comments back instantly because I think everyone in the universe would. But it does still kill me that Eddy snuck in a "I'm a professional kicker. I have to adjust." no excuse mantra literally 1-second and I mean ONE FUCKING SECOND after making an excuse. Be more of a kicker you can't. 

His puss-bag comments aside, and walking into this headfirst knowing the last thing I really want to talk about for the next 10-10000 years is the Chicago Bears kicking game…. I think we need to really ask ourselves how Nagy didn't know Eddy wants his steak center cut when he's literally the only guy on the roster who can order steak off the menu. How the fuck do you not know where he wants the ball. 

Strategy - oh buddy can we argue Strategy. And whether they should have run or passed or used the clock better than like it was some troll 14-year old in Madden dragging out the clock just to piss you off. I mean we could argue that stuff til we die and Nagy can still be like "well guess what assholes - I'm the head coach and I call the shots." 

And we'd have no argument back. Dude's right. He's the head coach. 

But this stuff is pretty indefensible. Not having your kicker in his ideal spot to win a goddamn game is basically just not knowing very important information about your football team. Some would even argue it's critical to winning games as evidenced by the fact we just fucking lost one because of it.

So final question is exactly how mad can I be at Nagy for missing this extremely notable detail? Because I'll get pissed if you guys want. I really will. I just don't want people to come back like a bunch of pussies crying because I dropped a couple cocksuckers in the heat of the moment. You know what I mean?