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Barry Pechovsky Is the Latest To Be Fired From Deadspin


You just HATE to see it. Barry Petchovsky getting fired from Deadspin today. The Blue Checkmark Brigade throwing a giant pity party for their guy Barry. Laura Wags calling her owner a shithead. Just total and complete chaos at Deadspin as they all revolt and eat each other to death. It’s really tough to watch unfold. It’s almost like losing money every year, constantly trashing your bosses, constantly trashing your advertisers isn’t a great way to maintain job security. I mean every 2 weeks somebody else is getting fired at Deadspin. Where is the Deadspin Union when you need them?

Listen I know I should be tired of celebrating the demise of Deadspin, but guess what? I’m not. I’m still truly having fun watching their company implode. Watching all these no talent losers get what they deserve. But even I am beginning to wonder what I did to deserve all this good fortune? What makes me so great? Why do I always win? Why do my enemies always fail? Am I just that much smarter and better than everybody else? Or do you think I was Ghandi in another lifetime? Maybe that’s it? Maybe that’s why I instantly offered Barry a 3 year contract at 100K per year to be my Butler? Because giving is in my nature. Helping the helpless still makes me feel good about myself. Ghandi indeed.