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The Bengals Benched Andy Dalton On His Birthday And Apparently Won't Trade Him Because 'They Are Philosophically Opposed To Making Trades'

[Source] – “They are basically philosophically opposed to the idea of making trades,” said one NFC GM. “It’s a waste of time to call them. But we did. And it is what it is. You may as well be speaking a different language.

I’ll tell you what, living in Cincinnati has plenty of benefits. It’s cheap to live here. It’s close to the University of Kentucky. There are a million breweries and a bunch of awesome bars. You get to watch Bengals fans without having to be a Bengals fan and that’s up there for being my favorite part (along with the cheapness).

This is just another example. The Bengals decided to bench Andy Dalton today – the day he turns 32. That’s just cruel. This is a dude that did everything for the city (besides win a playoff game). You really couldn’t wait a day? You couldn’t announce it on Monday? That’s just mean.

Oh and if that’s not enough there’s that damning quote from the NFC GM. They are just physically opposed to making trades. That’ll help when sitting on Andy Dalton and one year left on his contract! I’m sure teams aren’t laughing and dreading about having to make this call.

Oh, also this thought process from the franchise:

Been a hot start for the team:


Wonder how this guy is taking it? Imagine waiting to come off of a roof and it’s Ryan Finley coming to save you

Never change, Bengals. Never change.