Watching Marcus Smart Prank Romeo Langford Is Every Bit As Entertaining As It Sounds

There were probably a lot of reasons why Danny Ainge selected Romeo Langford 14th this past June, you could point to his potential as a wing scorer, how he seems to be able to get to the rim at ease, his future as a playmaker the list goes on and on. But you also can't rule out the fact that they are both HUGE Chipotle guys. 


That right there probably sealed the deal for Danny. If there is one thing we know about Ainge it's that he loves high potential players who maybe can't shoot yet and Chipotle. That's it, that's the list. You give him both of those in one player and he's going to take that guy every single time.

So while we haven't really seen what Romeo can do on the court because he's had some shit luck with injuries, at least we get to see Marcus Smart prank the hell out of him all in the name of fun and team chemistry. I think the reason this prank played so well was because you have to remember there's a good chance Romeo is high as shit at all times. I mean look at this collection of legends before seeing Terminator yesterday

not a low person in sight. So there's a pretty good chance Romeo was lifted and ready to absolutely house some Chipotle. Who hasn't been there? I have to say, I was happy he didn't go with the "you don't know who I am" routine. Great humility from the young guy. Once he got to the register you could tell his mind was RACING. Romeo was most definitely not prepared to have a $4,500 bill and you could see the mental gymnastics unfolding in real time. Romeo's eyes have never been more wide open than him trying to figure out how he was going to cover that bill. Put it on his tab? Not a bad strategy. Once he learned it was Smart it seemed like he actually believed it more which is what made it even better. That's my captain. Out of the whole thing this was probably my favorite part

It's also good to see that Romeo was actually willing to pony up and pay for it. Sure he needed the reinsurance that Smart would get him back but that's what I like to see from our rookie. When Smart tells you to pay $4,500 you do it even if you're still living off whatever money you were paid while in college.

Hopefully this is just the beginning and we see all of the Celts rookies get pranked in some fashion. Need to see what Carsen/Waters/Tacko/Grant do in similar situations. My guess is Grant would happily oblige since he's the ultimate glue guy, Waters would be skeptical and just laugh the whole time, Tacko would be super confused and super nice about it, and Carsen would probably make this face

drop down his credit card and immediately get back to getting buckets.