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I’m writing this from the Johannesburg Airport in South Africa about to hop on the last leg of my journey to Zimbabwe.  Ever since the Fronnie Does Series (RIP), I’ve been meaning to collab with another Barstool employee on a new travel series. However, I didn’t just want to show another one of my co-workers around China. No, this time I wanted to be the one being shown around a foreign country. And when it comes to Barstool employees able to do that, it’s a long list of one person (unless you include Mississippi a foreign country s/o Branden Walker).

Well Zah was 100% down with the idea and after a year of trying finding a couple weeks where we could both take the trip, that time has finally arrived. Huge props to Zah for agreeing to do this as it has to be slightly nerve-racking bringing Barstool cameras into your home for an extended period of time. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this trip but here are a few things I’d like to cover.

– A look at what life was like for Zah growing up in Zimbabwe
– A look into the urban life of  Zimbabweans living in the city.
– A look into the rural lifestyle of Zimbabweans living in the countryside (or “the bush” as they call it)
– Weird food and drink around the country.
– Footage of the wildlife (don’t expect a Planet Earth level animal documentary but if we see some wildlife, we’ll shoot it…with our cameras. There will be no poaching on this trip)
– Some videos around Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world NBD.
– Numerous Hippo mode seshes.
– Zah is going to try to take me to a witch doctor.
– Any other mishaps or absurdity we encounter throughout our journey.

I’ll be posting blog updates whenever I get strong enough Wifi and will be posting updates on my IG: TheWontonDon. Zah will also be posting updates on the Barstool Breakfast IG.


We’re pretty much circumnavigating the entire country so should be able to film PLENTY of content.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 8.18.00 AM