Dear All Deadspin Employees: I Will Post Any Blogs That Your Boss Keeps Deleting Without Your Permission If You Ask Me Nicely

So last time we checked in on our friends at Deadspin the site was once again being sold for pennies on the dollar to a private equity firm. One of the first orders of business for the new owners was to force out Megan Greenwell who had done nothing but run deadspin into the ground. The new man in charge Jim Spanfeller also wanted to introduce a revolutionary new concept to the Blue checkmark Brigade at Deadspin. He actually wanted to try to make money. He wanted to sell ads. He wanted Deadspin to get back to writing about sports. He didn’t want a bunch of recent college grads from Fake Like University using Deadspin as their own personal soapbox to rant and rave about how middle class white guys were the downfall of society.

Well naturally this new edict didn’t sit well with the keyboard warriors at Deadspin who instantly bashed their new bosses and said they were being treated unfairly. They published blog after blog about how unfair life is and how awful their male corporate raider bosses were because they couldn’t just continue to lose millions of dollars while writing about the perceived ills of society.

The latest chapter in this saga is unfolding as we speak. Today the writers at Deadspin started openly revolting against new autoplay ads that the site is running and telling all of their readers to send emails to Jim Spanfeller and demand they take them down. It was yet another in a long line of hit pieces written by Deadspin against Deadspin since they were sold. This time though Jim Spanfeller decided enough was enough and started deleting all the negative propaganda. Naturally this sent Wags and crew into a blind rage. How dare he delete blogs written by Deadspin employees trashing his company and their advertisers! Who do they think they are!

Now I see both sides here. I agree that autoplay ads are annoying for the readers, but when you declare bankruptcy every other month it’s kind of hard to complain about anything that your boss is trying to do to generate revenue and pay your salaries. If you don’t like your job that much than just quit and go find another one. But at the same time I’m starting to be jealous of the fantasy land that Wags and her crew live in. A world where you can publicly harass and ridicule your bosses, trash your advertisers all while expecting your boss to pay you for it. Wait Is this what a Union is for? Maybe I should be pro union after all.   That seems awesome!

Anyway as an olive branch to my good friends at Deadspin and in a sign of solidarity with the Deadspin Union I will publish any blog trashing Deadspin written by Deadspin employees that is getting deleted by the Deadspin owners. All you have to do is ask nicely Wags and my blog is your blog. How gallant is that?