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Knicks Get Their First Win Of The Season In What Historians Are Calling The Bobby Portis Revenge Game

DON'T LET ROBBIE REVENGE GET HOT!!! Look, there are going to be plenty of things to complain about during this Knicks season. Julius Randle turns the ball over no less than half the time he gets it in the post, the Frank Ntilikina Civil War rages on for its third years between Knicks fans. and nobody is sure if they could trust David Fizdale with handling a lunch order let alone an NBA game. But I'll take any win I can get, especially if it's in a goddamn revenge game. The Knicks looked like absolute butt in the first half, but my old man instincts told me that every NBA team makes a run and they sure as hell did by ending the game on a 15-0 run as Bobby Portis got his revenge on the team that drafted him then paid him millions of dollars before trading him. Did you guys know how fun 15-0 runs are? Holy shit they are fun. Some of the new Knicks have driven us fans nuts. But I think Bobby Portis and his crazy eyes earned at least a month's of good will tonight.

More important than the win was just how good RJ Barrett continues to look with a 19, 15, 5 stat line in his fourth (4th) career game as an omnipotent neophyte at the ripe old age of 19. The only nitpick I have in his game is that he's struggling from the free throw line. But that's nothing his godfather Steve Nash can't fix in like 5 minutes, right? They are called free throws for a reason and Canadians are notorious for being friendly. Once that gets fixed, I feel like everything will be good other than the consistent fear in the back of my head that the Knicks will screw up RJ like they have pretty much everyone else that's gone through MSG during the Dolan Era.

Okay, no bad vibes during Bobby Portis Revenge Night. Lets get our hopes up to unrealistic heights again!