Revenge Game Nightmare - Bobby Portis Absolutely MURDERED The Chicago Bulls Tonight

Late failure isn't anything new to me as a Chicago sports fan. I'm a seasoned veteran across all major sports with respect to agonizing defeat. Getting outscored 33-18 in the 4th quarter is a drop in the bucket when it comes to my existence. Light jab to the body at best.

So why am I on the floor right now? 

Who knocked me the fuck out? 

Bobby you bad man


I mean Jesus Christ Bobby I'm over here trying to eat some dinner and enjoy a quiet evening and you're out here ruining the Baby Bulls season before it even starts. Cut me some fucking slack one time bro. 

Bulls drop to 1-3 and it's not pretty right now. Could very easily be 3-1 with momentum. 

Knicks get their first win of the szn. 

All other observations are meaningless. Bobby Portis killed the 2019 Bulls 4 games into the season.