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Answer The Internet - The Card Game - Now On Sale


Answer The Internet, The Card Game is here. And I’m giving you my personal guarantee that you’re gonna enjoy this game. This is like the merchandise version of a Must Watch. Its a Must Buy. Only get 5 of those a year and I’m using up all 5 of my Must Buy’s on this. I’m a child of the Internet. I’ve lived online my entire life – from AOL chat rooms to the social media era. I’ve been blogging, podcasting, and producing now for over a decade. I’ve seen it all. And I can 100% guarantee you this game has the funniest questions and conversations the Internet has to offer. It will be the must have item for the fall/winter/holiday season for all your house parties, pregames, bachelor/bachelorette weekends, games nights, or anywhere you’re hanging with friends.



The face YP makes when he cant comprehend how the nobody at the party understood his porn reference


When Frankie doesnt understand why the whole party was shocked when he talked about your mom “taking a load in her asshole”


Lord knows what Ellie was acting out here, but even YP was overwhelmed


When Kayce says something dumb and you gotta point it out