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RIP To 'One Bite' Guest And Kardashian Pal Jonathan Cheban

That’s right, TV personality & entrepreneur Jonathan Cheban is no longer with us (as the name does not legally exist anymore) (siiiick click bait, Kate, ha ha! Not dead! Got your goose!). In Jonathan’s place we’ve been left with a name that lets you know this guy is, like, THEE God of food… ‘Foodgod’.

From an interview with PageSix:

Kim Kardashian’s best friend has legally changed his name to Foodgod and will no longer go by any other name — especially Jonathan.

“I already feel like I’m Foodgod. I’m just so tired of people questioning me and really tired of people not calling me Foodgod,” he told Page Six on Monday. “It’s my name. Jonathan is not my name. They actually have to call me by my name, otherwise it’s like they’re talking about someone else. It’s weird.

“[Jonathan’s] just not me,” he said.

He told Page Six in 2018 that two pals originally gave him the nickname after he ordered a burger with white chocolate instead of cheese at the restaurant Sugar Factory. But the moniker didn’t stick until Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, gave it the seal of approval while the trio was dining at a McDonald’s in Iceland.


The first celebrity to celebrate the official crossover with him? None other than Post Malone who seems a bit confused but rolls with it nonetheless:

In a Barstool Twist, Foodgod actually brought this topic up last year during a pizza review at Pomodoro. FG & Dave talk about the impending name-change at 00:48.

As FG said in the PageSix interview, he also tells Dave how it’s weird for him to hear people call him Jonathan & that everyone who really knows him (including Guy Fieri!!!) has been calling him Foodgod for awhile anyways.

“It’s a brand, people around the world know it…I do TV in UK. I am the Foodgod.”

From there they stroll down to Prince Street Pizza to stunt on each other for both having a spot on the ‘Wall of Fame’ there… A Foodgod & an El Pres making a big impression on the NYC food scene.

RIP Cheban. You had a good run.

In other news, I will be changing my name to BagelFUPA. Please refer to me as such.