Dude With "Severe Diarrhea" Takes Offense When His Roomate Asks Him To Turn On the Bathroom Fan So He Doesn't Stink Up the House....Promptly Shits All Over The Place As Revenge


Syracuse, NY James Palmieri, 59, was suffering from severe diarrhea March 10 in the apartment he shared at 473 Pleasantview Ave. with David Utt, 62, according to a Syracuse police report.”I asked him to use the bathroom fan so that it wouldn’t smell up the house,” Utt said in a written statement. The request upset Palmieri.”Thanks for the sympathy,” Palmieri said, according to Utt.”It’s common courtesy,” Utt replied. Palmieri then vowed to “crap all over the house, the bathroom and my car,” Utt told police. Palmieri got into his pajama bottoms, then went outside, Utt told police. Utt was suspicious because Palmieri doesn’t smoke. During the night, Utt discovered Palmieri had defecated “all over the floor in the bathroom and in the hallway near the bathroom,” Utt’s statement said.”He clearly did this deliberately,” Utt said.The next morning, Utt opened the door to his 1997 Lincoln and saw “that Palmieri had, in fact, defecated over the back seat of his car, on the leather seats,” a police report said. Utt had to drive the feces-laden car because he had to get to a doctor’s appointment that morning, he said. When he got home, he gave Palmieiri five minutes to start cleaning it all up.”How does it feel to be (expletive) on?” Palmieri asked, Utt told police. Then Palmieri punched him in the face, Utt said.

This fucking diarrhea guy is an absolute loose cannon. I mean what’s he so fucking mad about? Like asking somebody with explosive diarrhea to turn on the bathroom fan is not only a fair request, but it’s embarrassing that you even need to ask it. Of course you got to turn on the bathroom fan when you shit. Maybe light a couple matches. It’s just common courtesy really. No need to get all bent out of shape about it and go on a diarrhea rampage. Just shitting all over the place. That ain’t cool. And how about the victim driving his car with shit all over the place? Bro take a fucking cab. Seriously that had to be the worst ride in the history of rides.

PS – Asking somebody “how does it feel to be shit on?” after literally shitting on them is such a power move question I can’t even stand it.