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It Goes Without Saying The Raptors Should Permanently Wear The Dino Jerseys We're Getting Tonight


Now this is what I'm talking about. This right here is how you do alternate jerseys without embarrassing yourself, your fans, and your players. This isn't exactly shocking news, we've known for some time now that the Raptors were going to bring back their dino throwbacks in white this season once they announced it over the summer

and now that they're here they look even better than I remembered. Maybe because I was 8 in 1995 and may have missed it, but I remember the court being the purple arc with the dino at center court. Did they ever rock this court they are using tonight? It's still awesome, but I feel like if you're going to toss it back to the vintage jerseys you should also have the same corresponding court. Again, maybe this did exist and my brain just doesn't remember it.

I think most will agree though, the Raptors should just go back to this look officially and on a permanent basis. They won their title, they may have a down year by comparison now that Kawhi is gone, why not just say screw it and bring back the dino full time? As someone who currently roots for a team who literally could not have a worse alternate jersey

I'll admit I am jealous as hell of the Raptors with this one. Such a fire jersey, the game against ORL tonight is over before they even get to tip. That is of course if the Raptors play more like the 2019-20 version and not the 1995 team that went 21-61 wearing these bad boys.