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Reader Email - Is Dipping Your Hot Dog In Ketchup Socially Acceptable?

Reader Email

Hey guys,

So the other day I was at Five Guys with my baseball team and my friend ordered a hotdog (mistake número uno). He then proceeded to dip the hotdog into ketchup. Based off of this I now know that My friend is either a psychopath or a woman. Regardless, this started a debate: is dipping your hotdog in ketchup socially acceptable?

Viva La Stool,


Ok first things first. Only psychos order hotdogs at restaurants. Everybody knows that. There are only 2 acceptable places to order hotdogs and that’s at sporting events and golfing. That’s it. Other than that you only eat hotdogs at barbecues and tailgates. If you buy a hotdog anywhere else that means you’re fucking a lunatic. But having said that I do love the dipping move here. In fact I dip my hamburgers in ketchup. That way you can control the ketchup consumption on each bite. That’s what next level thinkers do. So I’m not sure what to make of your buddy. Half crazy half genius. The smartest thing may be just to lock him up and throw away the key before he becomes an uncatchable serial killer or something. No joke.