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"Monster" Turned Five Years Old Today

When Future dropped HONEST the fan base was split. Some enjoyed it, a portion of those people still consider it his best work to this day. Others despised it. Made them puke in their mouths, swallowing the acidity back down giving a twice as strong horrific taste in their mouths. These people thought he was a flash in the pan. A mumble rapper who had his 15 minutes of shine and we were ready to move on to the next.

And then, MONSTER happened.

Fuck Up Some Commas.
Throw Away.
After That.
My Savages.
Wesley Presley.
Showed Up.
Mad Luv.
Codeine Crazy.

You want to raise you heart rate to 170? He’s got BPM raising hits on here. You want to stare out the window on a crisp, dreary Autumn evening as rain seeps through the dark grey clouds while thinking about your ex? Put on THROW AWAY and melt into a puddle. You want to take on a solo mission to conquer a small nation formed after the fall of the Soviet Union? GANGLAND should do the trick. You want to just smoke some weed and listen to rap then go ahead, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I am here to give Future his flowers. This mixtape sparked a streak rivaled by few others and will get the credit it deserves come hell or high water. I’ll be back in a few months to talk about the importance of BEAST MODE and how 56 NIGHTS was initially ignored because of people’s hesitance due to concerns of over-saturation. But that’s for later. For now: