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These Leaked Celtics Alternate Jerseys Might Be The Worst Thing They Have Ever Done As A Franchise

What the hell am I looking at here? I want to say there's no way these are real but when Enes Kanter is putting it on his instagram what else am I to believe? Listen I don't hate the font, that could be cool if done correctly and I get appealing to your Irish heritage but teal is a disaster. Fucking teal? I'd say good job, good effort but I would be lying. This is beyond awful. You are the Boston Celtics for crying out loud, you have one of the most iconic color combinations in the entire league and you go and do something like this? Disgusting. Whoever came up with this idea should be sent to their room without dinner for at least a month.


This just adds to the list of absolutely terrible Celtics alternates. For whatever reason they can't stop themselves from having god awful alternates. Maybe that's God's way or saying stop messing with perfection but who am I to say. All I know is almost every one of their alternate jerseys end up looking like complete trash

Nothing but disasters everywhere you look. It didn't always be this way though. The old school Big 3 St. Paddy's day ones are to this day one of the best alternates they've ever had

as were the Italy jersey's back in 2007

and I may be in the minority but I don't hate the green ones with black lettering as much as most people do and didn't mind the City Editions last year

But this teal disaster right here might be the worst we've ever seen and that's saying something. Can I blame Nike for this? I would like to speak to someone in charge here and ask them what the hell they were thinking. I want this jersey nowhere near this team. Ever heard the saying look good feel good play good? Well how on earth can you do that while rocking this disaster of an alternate. Please let this all be a joke or something, that maybe Kanter got his custom made or something. I've been searching all across the internet and these are nowhere to be found. Fanatics doesn't even have them so maybe these won't actually be worn. That's all I have to hang on at the moment other than hoping and praying because those things are fucking gross.