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You Know What's Weird? This Picture Is the First Time I've Been Attracted To Teen Mom Farrah


You know what’s weird? I had zero interest in the Farrah Abrams sex tape when it came out. Zero. I literally only beat off once to it and that’s just because I felt like as a pop culure blogger I had to watch it. But now after seeing her in this white dress I suddenly want to go back and watch her get analed again. Crazy how that works right? This is what chicks don’t always get about the male psyche. Sometimes showing less is more. Like I don’t give a shit about watching some whore get fucked on camera. That doesn’t do it for me. But throw on an angelic dress and start acting like you got some class and suddenly I want to see you get defiled.  And yes they should teach this blog in psych 101 right next to Freud and the ID or whatever that shit is called.