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What Does Doc Rivers Think Of Ricky Rubio? 'He's A Clever Little Fucker'

There might not be a higher compliment that Ricky Rubio will ever receive. Being called a clever little fucker as a point guard is high praise. Hell, if you're a Suns fan you have to be thrilled. You haven't had a point guard since Steve Nash (outside of that one year you had 3 point guards and ended up screwing that up) and now you have a clever little fucker. 

My favorite thing about this? Rubio didn't even play against the Clippers. He's battling a knee injury and Doc is still out here calling him a clever little fucker. It makes sense though. Rubio has found a way to make a legit career in the NBA despite not being a real threat to shoot the ball. How many lead guards can say that? Patrick Beverley, Ben Simmons (though he's way different) and who else? It's a short list of dudes that can say that. 


Clever little fucker. What a way to describe Rubio. Never change, Doc.