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Who's Worse: InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Or Westboro Baptist Church?


(not linking to his site) — Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones explained to his audience today how the government could have been behind the devastating May 20 tornado in Oklahoma. On the May 21 edition of The Alex Jones Show, a caller asked Jones whether he was planning to cover how government technology may be behind a recent spate of sinkholes. After laying out how insurance companies use weather modification to avoid having to pay ski resorts for lack of snow, Jones said that “of course there’s weather weapon stuff going on — we had floods in Texas like fifteen years ago, killed thirty-something people in one night. Turned out it was the Air Force.” Following a long tangent, Jones returned to the caller’s subject. While he explained that “natural tornadoes” do exist and that he’s not sure if a government “weather weapon” was involved in the Oklahoma disaster, Jones warned nonetheless that the government “can create and steer groups of tornadoes.” According to Jones, this possibility hinges on whether people spotted helicopters and small aircraft “in and around the clouds, spraying and doing things.” He added, “if you saw that, you better bet your bottom dollar they did this, but who knows if they did. You know, that’s the thing, we don’t know. In April, Jones garnered attention for labeling the Boston Marathon bombings a “false flag” event staged by the U.S. government. Over the years, Jones has endorsed a wide array of paranoid conspiracies, including alleging that the U.S. government carried out or was somehow involved in the 9-11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, and recent mass shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary school and the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.


Do people remember this guy? The guy who called for a false flag after the Marathon Bombings? Guy who said that the government was behind Sandy Hook and Aurora? Well — surprise, surprise — he’s back. He’s spouting off that the government could very well be behind the Oklahoma disaster. That Obama grabbed Thor’s hammer and fired it off towards OK because, fuck it, why not? When you’re president of a country your primary goal is to destroy it.

And I know this is exactly what people like him want: they want the blogs talking about him, they want buzz, they want to be trending. I get that. I know it’s best to ignore the pest until it goes away. But I can’t bite my tongue here. I know, because I have faith in humanity and don’t believe Darwin would let anyone this stupid survive, that Alex Jones doesn’t believe this. I’m 100% positive that not 1 fiber of his being thinks Storm from X-Men sent that tornado to destroy Oklahoma.


But that’s why he’s a million times worse than Westboro. Westboro is a bored group of idiots. Westboro is a bunch of trolls that think they’re important and causing a stir, but really people laugh at their protest and carry on their day, never paying them any more mind. But Jones has followers, lots of them. Over 200 thousand on Twitter, to be more specific. People agree with him and believe in his message. It may sound over the top to compare him to Hitler but that’s basically what he is: he’s a smart and charismatic guy leading feeble, simpleminded people towards a dangerous goal. It’s fucking scary. By shouting conspiracy he belittles legitimate disasters and insults innocent victims of horrible tragedies for his own clicks and notoriety. I have no idea how he looks himself in the mirror every morning.

So here is the question.  If you could only murder one group who would it be?  Vote 1 for Alex Jones and 10 for Westbaptist


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