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Mother Of Bullied Teen Suing The Parents Of The Girl Who Was Mean To Her

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NY Post – Parents of bullies beware — your menacing kid could get you sued. That’s the message a fed-up Queens mom wants to spread as she prepares to file a lawsuit against the parents of teens who tormented her studious daughter so badly, the legally blind 16-year-old had to be hospitalized with suicidal thoughts. “Parents need to be clear that if their children are bullying they need to stop,” Howard Beach mom Marah Rocco said Wednesday, adding that the bullies’ parents should be held accountable. “Bullies are often bullied at home. This is learned behavior.” Caitlin Rocco, 16, told The Post that bullies have threatened her with rape and murder and that their parents should rein in their kids. “People aren’t born to be bullies. Babies are nice,” Caitlin said. “The cruelty that I have faced is a learned behavior — and it’s learned from parents.” Rocco family attorney Tedd Kessler said he plans to file suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court against the cruelest and most relentless bullies and their parents. The suit will also name the Department of Education as a defendant. “The parents need to tell their children to stop harassing this young lady,” Kessler said. “Our position is that the parents are responsible for the actions of their children.” Caitlin has faced bullying since middle school, and administrators even had her skip a grade in an attempt to settle her among kinder classmates — but it didn’t work. Marah had to take Caitlin to the hospital twice last year when the teen became so depressed about the bullying that she considered killing herself. Her suicidal thoughts were strong enough on one visit that the teen had to be hospitalized for an entire weekend. “My daughter is legally blind. She has had her glasses ripped off her face and thrown broken to the floor,” said mom Marah, who also blamed Scholars Academy in Rockaway Beach for not resolving the problem. “The school waits out the victims, because the students who are bullied either graduate, they drop out — or they commit suicide,” Marah said. “My question is: How many dead children do we have to have before this country takes bullying seriously?” Marah likened her daughter’s bullying to the current Miami Dolphins scandal involving accused bully player Richie Incognito.

Welp, its official. Its fucking official. The word “bullying” has officially jumped the shark. Its played out, its overhyped, its fucking ridiculous. You say the word “bullying” and the world instantly gets their fucking panties in a bunch. Like instantly their underwear shoots up their goddam asshole and its the end of the world. I can’t even think of a single word that draws the same outrage anymore. Its like saying the N word while wearing blackface and killing a dog if you’re labeled a bully. Full blown outrage surrounds “The B Word” now.

I totally understand there are horrible situations where kids get bullied to a horrible extent. But I also think there are situations – like the Richie Incognito saga, or literally zillions of situations at school every day – where we blow it the fuck out of proportion. There are mean people and there are nice people and you can’t just sue people or arrest people or overreact every time someone doesn’t treat you nicely. Again, not condoning the actions of assholes at school or at work or anywhere treating people like shit. But I’m just saying the world used to say “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me” and now its turned into “Bullying is wrong and I’m gonna fuckin sue you!” And no matter where you stand on this situation, one thing is for sure – going down certain avenues to take care of it only makes things worse. Having your parents sue your bullies parents? Not gonna fix the situation. Snitching on a coworker before ever confronting him yourself like Jonathan Martin? Not gonna fix the situation. People get bullied when they’re too nervous or scared or insecure to stand up for themselves, and getting other people to come to your defense is never going to fix that issue. A lawsuit or getting a coworker fired or a student expelled might put an end to that instance of bullying, but there’s always gonna be more assholes in every walk of life. Until you do it yourself you’re just waiting for the next “bully” to come along.

It doesn’t make bullying right. It doesn’t mean its not a shitty situation. Thats just the reality of the situation. Sometimes life sucks and there’s only certain ways to fix it.