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Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 9 and NFL Week 8

Last week, a feel-good story claimed the Football Guy of the Week Award in convincing fashion. This week, we have another one in that category that is looking for victory. However, there is some solid competition, and of course, it’s up to you to decide who the true Football Guy is. Let’s get to it.

Youth football Coach Richard for his impact he had on one of his kids in a viral video.

Well, this was just awesome. We all had those people throughout our childhood that made an impact on us similar to the one Coach Richard had on this young fella. Good for him, good for the kid, good for humanity.

Entire Mississippi State team for doing the Oklahoma drill as a pre-game warmup .


Mr. Commenter noted on the show that this technically wasn’t the Oklahoma Drill, but instead Bull in the Ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to rally the Bulldogs enough, as they lost 49-30 in College Station over the weekend.

TCU co-OC Sonny Cumbie utilizing the five-second rule when gum fell out of his mouth during a TD celebration.

Are we sure this rule counts if nobody saw it? Well, it doesn’t matter, because everyone saw it. But they just scored a TD, so it’s all good. There are bigger things to worry about when your team finds the end zone, especially when TCU takes down Texas.

Bulls HC Jim Boylen for installing a time clock at the Advocate Center for players to punch.

We have a rare Basketball Guy infiltrating the Football Guy this week. The Bulls don’t have much going for them at the moment aside from Coby White’s hair, Lauri Markkanen’s constant comparison to Dirk Nowitzki, and Coach Boylen’s fantastic invention here. Maybe this is the start of a new era in Mr. Cat’s city.