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Julia Rose Has Been Hereby Banned From All MLB Stadiums And Facilities, Indefinitely


What ever happened to making baseball fun again?! Making the kids show interest?! And it’s 2019 after all, aren’t we all about equality these days? What, a young business owner can’t show a little nip to spread the word about her new digital magazine, Shagmag?

And let’s give it up for DC sports, by the way. The undisputed champion of hot girls flashing during championship events. How can one forget one of the greatest pictures ever taken at a sporting event

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 1.38.54 AM

Think the NHL banned her? Absolutely not!

Just a shame how things are now “banned” and “illegal” and what not. Let’s get Andrew Yang on this case. If he’s president he’ll legalize online poker and hopefully make titties legal again.

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So Julia Rose, I hereby invite you to be my date to any Caps game you’d like. Let’s show MLB they can’t keep you down for long. Hmu.