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This Chart Showing The Most Popular Websites Throughout The History Of The Internet Is A Crock Of Shit

I genuinely enjoy videos like this. Simply a tremendous way to waste 10 minutes. Watching these makes me realize why people like horse racing, because buddy what a thrill it is to watch someone hold such a commanding lead only to get curb stomped by someone who wasn’t even on the leaderboard just a few moments ago.

And while I like videos like this, I’ve been on the internet long enough to know bullshit and misrepresentation when I see it. Google is king, we all know that, I’m not here to argue against that. Youtube being second makes all the sense in the world. Facebook being third? Undoubtedly. That’s precisely where the train comes off the tracks. Those are the only three websites I’ll buy being bigger than Pornhub and Xvideos. There’s NO WAY Twitter is bigger than Instagram, let alone bigger than the two largest pornography distributors on the world wide web. I don’t know what nerd pieced this video together but I’d like to know who paid him off to go full Florida and burn the ballots.

You ever watch a video you thought was a hidden gem on Pornhub or Xvideos, only to scroll down and see the view count is somewhere around 2 million? That happens to me no less than twice a week, but this nerd graph is trying to tell me people have only frequented Xvideos THREE BILLION times??? I’ve been there no less than once a day for the last 12 years and you’re trying to tell me over Al Gore’s very internet that there are more than three websites getting more traffic than these? No chance. It’s an insult to even suggest otherwise and attempt to pass this off as fact.