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The Birds of War Have Willed The Eagles To Victory And Potentially Saved Their Season

Great moments are born from great opportunity. That’s what these men had today in Buffalo. That’s what these men EARNED today in Buffalo.

The season was on the line today, no doubt about it. I mean the season has already been an unmitigated disaster so far this year but if you follow up back-to-back shit pumpings with yet another loss on the road? Good night Jim Kyte. There would be no coming back from that. That Eagles locker room would have totally imploded and you could kiss 2019 goodbye. But a win to close out the 3-game road trip? To get the record back to .500 in a shitty NFC East division? This team has life. And I think we have seen this Eagles team hit rock bottom already. Nowhere to go from here but up. And I know that the players on the field had a lot to do with that. Plenty of pressure from the D line, some timely stops from Ronald Darby, Carson Wentz looked like a man on a mission, 3 different running backs finding the end zone. It was a full team effort. But if I had to pick an MVP? Somebody or a certain group who truly stood out amongst the rest?


The Birds of War, man. They knew how much this game meant and they left it all out there on the field. Big time players show up in big time moments. You have to admire the heart. You have to respect the dedication. And most importantly, you have to love how they have feathers, but also the muscles of men.

P.S. – No other fan base seems more at home with the Bills Mafia than Eagles fans do. It’s like the Spider-Man pointing meme.