Moms Are Bullshit That Disney Made Fun Of Kids With Gluten Allergies


(HuffPo)The Disney Channel has pulled an episode of “Jessie” from their regular programming in response to backlash from parents. The complaints about the show were formalized in a petition, claiming that storyline was insensitive towards children with food allergies. In the episode, a young character named Stuart, who is sensitive to gluten, is made out to be annoying and high-maintenance. For example, when another character throws pancakes in his face, the in-studio audience laughs at him along with everyone else in the scene. (You can see the offending clips captured by blogger Gluten Dude in the video above.) When mom Amy Raslevich saw the episode with her two children who both have Celiac disease, she was appalled and her kids were very upset. “There were tears in my daughter’s eyes, and my son’s fist was clenched,” she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Raslevich started a petition on on Thursday in an attempt to convince Disney to pull the episode titled “Quitting Cold Koala.” She explained how her kids are often ostracized because of their condition that limits their diets and how Disney poorly portrayed the issue.


Just when you thought people with “gluten allergies” couldn’t get more annoying, they start petitioning on because a fucking Disney show made them out to not be the rulers of the universe. Nowadays the PC Police rule like it’s Martial Law. Anything that offends one single person of any creed or color gets blasted. But at least those things, the creeds and colors, are real. Gluten allergies aren’t even fucking real. And you need not look any further than me to know that. Three years ago my doctor told me I suffered from this debilitating disease. My heart sank, my whole life flashed before my eyes. I didn’t if I’d live until my next birthday. But look at me now. I’m a survivor! And not once have I turned down a single meal with gluten in it. Heck I haven’t even taken the time to find out what gluten is. But here I am, healthy as a horse.* So, gluten people, please shut up about being “sick” and “ostracized.” You’re ostracized like goths are ostracized: totally by your own choices and actions.


* by “healthy as a horse” I mean I haven’t been back to the doctor since the day he told me I had to change my diet. So there’s a very real chance I’m about to die any minute from gluten poisoning. But at least at my funeral no one will say they hated going out to dinner with me because I was such a whiny prick about the menu.