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Kevin Durant Donates A Million Dollars To The Oklahoma Relief Fund


YahooIt’s also well-worth mentioning that Kevin Durant did not announce this donation. Rather, the Red Cross was the first to point out Durant’s contribution (which was made through his personal charity arm, The Durant Family Foundation), with Kevin letting his donation do the talking.


Does anyone in the world dislike Kevin Durant? Is it possible? As polarizing as people at the top of their respective sports typically are, someone find me one person who genuinely dislikes Kevin Durant. I don’t think you can. And it’s not even about him donating a shitload of money. That’s great, but it’s not that at all. It’s that he didn’t tell anybody. The Red Cross announced it but KD silently wrote his check to support his new home state and then went about his business. It’s amazing. We live in a world where every 20-something year old loves to pump themselves up on the internet. Loves to take to Twitter or Facebook and mention they’re at some ritzy restaurant or the hot club just hoping someone thinks they’re important. And here we have a 24 year old who didn’t say a peep after giving 6 figures away. When you juxtapose it with someone like Lebron who would only give money away if he was promised a parade and an ESPN hour long special, it’s really refreshing.


Although I will add this because I’m sure there will be conspiracy theorists that say KD had someone leak it and because it makes me laugh.