A Security Guard Got To Live Out His Dream At The World Series Tonight

As someone who has had to wear that yellow jacket, believe me when I tell you this man feels like he won the World Series by himself tonight. There are multiple different kinds of security guards. There are ones that take the job far too seriously and basically think they’re cops. There are ones who simply don’t have the skills or drive in this world to do anything else. And then there are people just trying to cash a check who hate their life and want nothing more than to go home and return to their vices before they wake up and do it all over again, stuck on the treadmill of a never-ending vicious cycle of an unfulfilling job. No matter which category of security guard, they all find themselves, at one point or another, fantasizing about knocking someone the fuck out. Most never get the opportunity, some try and provoke it, few get to have the sweet, sweet justifiable TKO caught on camera. The champagne the ultimate winner of this actual World Series wont taste nearly as sweet as those “oooohs” felt right after he put buddy to sleep. I genuinely hope he gets to throw out the first pitch before Game 5. This man is a hero and should be respected as such.