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Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal For The BMF Championship Is Officially ON!!!

Not even 48 hours after issuing a Notes App screenshot that brought the collective fandom of mixed martial arts to its knees, Nate Diaz has been exonerated of all wrong-doing, and his fight with Jorge Masvidal for the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER IN THE GAME CHAMPIONSHIP is a go!

Here’s what I believe happened: Nate Diaz was notified of an abnormality in a recent USADA test he took. Not a fail, but an abnormality. Someone went, “Huh! This looks kinda strange!” at one of his test results, and Nate heard that, and the THOUGHT that he may be on something disgusted him to such a degree that he just let that Notes App screenshot fly. Dude was ready to throw away what is probably the biggest payday of his career just because he didn’t wanna be accused of possibly being on steroids. When he said in that screenshot it was suggested that he should cover it up, he was probably just referring to somebody letting him know the fight isn’t actually off because he didn’t actually fail.


So, complete and utter chaos ensued for the next 24-48 hours. Cities burned to the ground. Grown men cried in the streets. It was a whole thing. Everyone got their bearings together and looked at a few more tests, though, and realized very quickly that Vegan Nate Diaz is not taking performance enhancing drugs – issued statements clearing Diaz’s name, as demanded by Diaz – and decided to go public with the news that the fight is indeed ON.

It’s the near death experiences that make you appreciate life the most, they say. After this quick dance with the loss of the BMF Championship fight, I’m certainly going to be juuuuuuust a bit more grateful for it than I would’ve been on Saturday night, and hopefully that’ll be true for you guys as well.

Make sure you thank the MMA gods before bed tonight.