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What We Learned Last Night - E'Twaun Moore Is Better Than Russell Westbrook (Small Sample Size)




19 points, 9-10 from the floor, 13 points alone in the 4th quarter. Last night, in a 12 minute span, E’Twaun Moore was the best player on the basketball court and somewhere Robbie Hummel is smiling. I honestly don’t know what it is about this Bulls team but they somehow always need to be fully injured with their back firmly against the wall to play their best. It probably has something to do with Jo running point center again and being involved on both sides of the court (he was classic pants on fire Jo all game) but last night was one of those classic Bulls games we’ve seen in the past 3 years. No real star power, a guard playing out of his mind (what Thibs does with guards should be criminal) and a thrilling win that still won’t mean much if this team doesn’t show up come spring time. The star power less Bulls are everyone’s fan favorite. Just a three leg dog that you can’t help but love.




Also credit to Pau, initially I thought Thibs drew that play up but it looks as though it was Pau recognizing the help D and trusting a teammate. That’s a savvy vet move.






Other notes from the game.


Mike Dunleavy forgot he was white.






Andre Roberson is still standing on the baseline wondering what happened.  



Steve Smith kept doing this thing where he would orgasm directly into our ear.



And big guy giving Jo the butt slap was the perfect cap to a great night at the UC. ..








Finally, It was good to have Craig Sager back.



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