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ESPN Partnered And Named A Bowl Game After A Company That Doesn't Seem To Exist

On October 1st, the New Mexico Bowl announced a new sponsor, Dream House. The New Mexico based production company seemed like the perfect addition to the New Mexico Bowl. 

The problem? Turns out Dream House literally doesn't exist. 

SOURCE-ESPN Events pulled the plug Thursday on its 3-week-old partnership with the Albuquerque-based DreamHouse company as the title sponsor of the New Mexico Bowl.


ESPN Events’ announcement came the same day a front-page Journal story revealed that the fledgling DreamHouse has no business license with the city of Albuquerque and that its CEO, Eric G. Martinez, has faced multiple judgments for unpaid debts, including $16,717 for a credit card debt he still owes. Also, the company’s address is listed as a residence, even though ESPN, when announcing the sponsorship, said the company had a 25,000-square-foot post-production studio in Albuquerque. ESPN had described DreamHouse as a multi-entity firm focused on serving the state’s film industry with production and post-production services.

ESPN lying?! Nooooooo! That cannot be true!

The partnership between the bowl game and DreamHouse was touted as one that would bring national exposure to the city, the state’s booming film industry, the game itself and the company.

“This is a great way to kick-start the DreamHouse brand locally and nationally,” Martinez said at the time. “We want to be a long-term partner for this game, and we want New Mexico to be the No. 1 hub for the film industry.”

Hilarious looking back at these quotes and knowing that DreamHouse literally doesn't exist. Nothing like making New Mexico the No. 1 hub for the film industry by partnering with a film company that doesn't exist. 

Siembieda said at the time, “I think you know what the film industry is doing for our state. It’s a hub for our economy, and DreamHouse is a big part of that. This partnership is right.”

DreamHouse is a big part of that, he said! 

This Eric Martinez guy once said that he was going up against the entire Globetrotters, by HIMSELF!

I almost respect this guy. Fake it until you make it. You'll most likely trick ESPN.