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And the Pussification of America Continues: Seton Hall Softball Coach In Hot Water For Making Her Team Show Up 15 Minutes Early To Practice And Not Letting Players Skip Road Trips Amongst Other Things


Yahoo – The Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger has published a critical account of the actions of Seton Hall’s softball coach, Paige Smith, charging a pattern of verbally abusive and capricious behavior — namely, questioning student-athletes who prioritized school or family over athletics — as well as consistently indifferent or obstructive responses by the university administration. Star-Ledger columnist Dave D’Alessandro has compiled a series of charges leveled against Smith by current and former players. Smith has coached at Seton Hall for just under a year. The allegations leveled by players and their parents include the following:

• When one player, who had pitched a total of three innings all season, asked to have off one weekend to spend a last weekend with her Marine husband before he shipped out for a tour of Afghanistan, Smith allegedly replied, “You’re needed here Friday and Saturday. As long as the other pitchers aren’t hurt, maybe you can go home early Sunday. But I’m not going to look favorably upon this.”

• Two sophomore players were given the opportunity to make a presentation to Johnson & Johnson as part of their classwork at the Business School, but would have to miss a team trip to San Diego. Smith reportedly told the rest of the team that the sophomores, non-starters, were “choosing that team over this team,” and added that if they missed that trip, they would be suspended for all other away trips. (She later relented.)

• Smith may have capriciously cut a player for missing games to attend class, after initially telling the players that skipping games was acceptable. One player claimed to have missed 20 classes in the spring semester alone because of softball commitments.

• Players charged that Smith exceeded the NCAA’s practice limit of 20 hours per week by making players arrive 15 minutes early. Smith also allegedly ordered a player to do the team’s laundry at 1 a.m. while on a road trip at a Jacksonville, Fla. Holiday Inn. And Smith apparently at least once divided the team into workout groups with names such as “aborted fetuses” and “booze bags.”


Are these not the softest complaints ever levied against any coach in the history of civilization? Seriously this is why Title IX is such a joke. Because schools like Seton Hall are forced to give out scholarships for Women’s softball while men’s sports get cut. Like what do you think a male coach would say if a player just asked to take a weekend off to hang out with their girlfriend? Or asked to skip a road trip? Or complained because they were told they had to show up 15 minutes early to practice? Newsflash this is a trick question because no guy athlete would ever ask these questions. Only a fucking chick would and it’s precisely why Title IX is a disgrace. Just because you say men’s and women’s sports are equal doesn’t mean they are.  Aborted fetus city.