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According To Magic Johnson The Pelicans Fired Dell Demps Because He Was Being A Petty Little Bitch And Wouldn't Give Him Anthony Davis

Now see this is why I was all for Magic leaving the Lakers front office. Get him on Twitter and on television and just let him go nuts. I love that he basically said if he had pulled off the AD trade he would have stayed and they would have had a better shot at Kawhi. Does Magic remember what happened? It was him opening up his big mouth that cost them Kawhi in the first place. AD was already on the team! He wasn't fired for not landing AD, he left on his own as he very clearly explained when this whole thing happened 

I mean maybe he thought people simply forgot what happened just 6 months ago. It was more about hating Rob Pelinka and back stabbing and all that bullshit. 

But back to the Dell Demps part. I'd say his firing had more to do with all the years he mishandled his roster and basically wasted the AD years

It made sense for NO to wait until the summer so they could make sure every possible team out there could make the best offer. It turned out the Lakers still had the best offer when that time came, and David Griffin pulled the trigger landing what at the time was the biggest return in NBA history. Also remember, there was that report that the owner straight up refused to deal him to the Lakers at the deadline even though they later tried to deny that report.

But this is all why Magic on TV is so awesome. Who cares about the facts? You can't blame him for living in his own world of Lakers delusion, that's who he is. I'm just glad we have this version of Magic back because it's way more fun to be able to enjoy him than root against him as he was building the Lakers. It's safe to say he's back and better than ever