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NYC Private Schools Throwing Wild Sex Parties

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NY Post – Students at the city’s most elite private schools are throwing such out-of-control, booze- and sex-fueled parties that at least one of the tony institutions, Horace Mann, is now begging parents to stop their kids from attending the bashes. “Going to these events is not in your children’s best interests,” the administration warned in a recent letter about the parties, which often follow school-sponsored events, such as homecomings. The wild parties are often dubbed “rando-fests” because the goal is to have sex with “randos” — code for “unattractive drunken girls.” Upperclassmen or alumni of the prep schools, including Horace Mann, Riverdale, Trinity and Dalton, book venues such as lofts or nightclubs including 1Oak in Chelsea, hire bouncers and promote the parties on Facebook. The young entrepreneurs claim to earn between $1,200 and $4,000 a party by charging about $20 to $40 per head. Freshmen pay the most, seniors the least. Scantily clad girls typically greet partygoers at the door. Inside, the teens rub against each other, lock lips and flash skin while dancing to the boom of techno beats. The gigs are alcohol-free, so many students get drunk or high beforehand. Students dished to Horace Mann’s school paper about drunken classmates who have had to be rushed to the hospital from the 300- to 400-person parties to have their stomachs pumped. Students quickly down about four to five shots of hard liquor before the events, Horace Mann health teacher Peggy Hartmann told the school paper. A school poll found that 75 percent of seniors and 50 percent of sophomores and juniors who attend down the shots before arriving, The Horace Mann Record reported on Oct. 25. “I feel like it’s not so much peer pressure like ‘the cool kids are drinking,’ but if you’re not, it’s just a really awkward experience,” said a female student. In fact, “awkward Mondays” is a common phrase in the halls, where students complain about having to see the person they got frisky with over the weekend. “Girls feel pressured into wearing revealing or sexualized costumes, as hooking up with many people becomes a status symbol or a way to climb the high-school social ladder,” a Horace Mann student editorial claims. “Male behavior, meanwhile, is competitive, even verging on predatory, as girls are turned into objects or trophies,” it reads. “To many, a ‘successful’ fest involves hooking up with multiple girls in one night — or claiming they did.”

The world is a funny place right now. Its moving in 2 different directions, and I have no idea where its gonna end up. On the one hand, theres this politically correct movement of feminism and equal rights and uptight, no fun, boring life. On the other hand, we got kids at schools like Horace Mann hosting Rando-Fuck-Fests where chicks are whoring it up and guys are getting their rocks off and everyone is shitfaced partying at NYC clubs and lofts. I mean where the fuck was that when I was in high school? I was playing beer pong with like a hundred dudes drinking malt liquor 40s. I wish I was getting so much pussy I was targeting fat ugly chicks for the fun of it. In high school fat ugly chicks were a target out of necessity, not luxury. These goddam kids are partying harder and better than I am now and I’m 30 fucking years old.

So yea, I’m gonna be interested to see who prevails. The uptight losers who want the world to just be a boring, no fun place. Or the people who are smart enough and real enough to understand people wanna get boozed up and explore each other’s dicks and pussies. A battle of Good vs Evil. Fun vs. Boring. Dark vs. Light. Whatever you wanna call it. I hope these maniac perverts from Horace Mann come out on top.