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Taylor Swift Pretending She's Grossed Out By Selena Gomez Flirting With The Biebs But Sneaky Being Super Jealous Sums Up Everything You Need To Know About Everything


I promise this is my last Biebs blog of the day. But doesn’t this just sum up everything about everything?  Like if I was an alien and just landed on Earth and wanted to get caught up on American pop culture this is all I’d need to watch.  The impossibly hot Selena Gomez who is supposedly broken up with Bieber whispering sweet nothings into his ear after he got booed off stage telling him hot wet it made her and how she can’t wait to fuck later that night.  Meanwhile Ms. Goody Two Shoes Taylor Swift who has become fake friends with Selena after the breakup and has probably had to listen to how awful Justin is for the past month sticks her tongue out in disgust.  But everybody knows she’d throw Selena down a flight of stairs to get dick’d by The Biebs.   Like I said.  It sums everything up about everything.