Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn: "I Saw Some Aaron Rodgers In Mitch Trubisky's College Tape"


Chargers coach Anthony Lynn liked Mitch Trubisky when he came out of North Carolina.

“Just watching him on the field, he made throws, he had a quick release,” Lynn said Tuesday. “He reminded me sometimes of Aaron Rodgers, the way he moved around. If he ever got in a bind, he could create. I thought he had the total package.”

Lynn had one person to thank for added insight: the boy he used to pay to mow his lawn.

Aaron Rodgers and Mitch Trubisky?  In the same sentence?  And a sentence where an NFL head coach talks about how Trubisky had shades of Rodgers in him in his college tape???

I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!  Guess we know why the Chargers are 2-5 this year.


Look, it’s ABUNDANTLY clear that Mitch Trubisky is never, ever going to be in the same stratosphere as Aaron Rodgers when their careers are done and over with.  That goes without say.  But it’s Friday and because it’s Friday, I have almost come full circle in my weekly cycle as a Bears fan:

Monday: pissed off, want to punch Carl in his Walter White looking face
Tuesday: dejected, woe is me and want to punch Carl in his Walter White looking face
Wednesday: Distracted because I’m probably drinking
Thursday: CFB and NFL playing, excited for the weekend slate of games
Friday/Saturday: Fully back on the Bears bandwagon and think they are a playoff team

Ho hum.  Life as a Bears fan.  But when looking deeper into Lynn’s quote, he’s not all wrong.  Mitch Trubisky is one of the best athletes in the league at the QB position.  Great runner.  Good arm, good frame/size, and I guarantee that he looks fucking great throwing the ball in a combine type setting when he’s not being pressured.  “Can make all the throws” as they say… that is until he’s forced to read a defense, has 300 pound monsters looking to decapitate him, and has to perform an RPO to fit a ball into a window that closes in a fraction of a second.  The tools are there, the timing/quick thinking skills have not been.

But I’m going to defend Mitch for a second.  Maybe it’s that he’s not being put in a position to succeed?  Maybe it’s a scheme thing and not Mitch thinking too much/not enough thing?  Yes, I’m playing devil’s advocate but seeing 3 pretty credible people call out Nagy’s system this week really gots me to thinking…


Eddie had the best analogy: it’s like Mitch got lost in the woods, Nagy ran into the woods to find him and got lost himself.  I truly, truly believe Nagy is better than he has been.  Great motivator, players love him and even though the Bears have underperformed, there hasn’t been any issues with egos popping up in the locker room.  So I choose to believe that he can flip this around.  But this week against the Chargers are probably their last shot to convince me or anyone else that they’re better than they’ve shown the last two weeks.

Here’s a good stat, courtesy of Carl:

The Bears are currently 3-3.  51% of teams that start 4-3 make the playoffs.  Coin flip.  But… 14% of teams that start the season 3-4 go to the playoffs.  Needless to say, this is a must win game.  MUST WIN.

And I think hope that happens.  Bear down.